Composite materials Storage solutions

Let us help your company with all your Cold Storage needs!

International Refrigeration Support specializes in sales and long term leases of Refrigerated shipping containers to local businesses. Many composite materials such as carbon composites used in aeronautics require sub freezing temperatures in storage. We can provide assurance that your expensive inventory will be kept at the desired temperature 24/7. Refrigerated containers are amazingly efficient in cooling and are extremely well insulated to prevent loss of cool even in the event of a shut down.
International Refrigeration Support also provides 24/7 services to all our boxes and are ready for any issues that may occur. We are a factory authorized dealer for all the major container manufacturers and carry in stock every part needed at all times.

We offer many Refrigerated Container options all capable of reaching and maintaining temperatures of -20 Celsius.


40' Refrigerated Containers
20' Refrigerated Containers (fits in standard parking space)
and 24' Refrigerated Containers

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refrigerated Containers 
 Refrigerated Container air curtains
Refrigerated container Lights 
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