Custom Refrigerated Containers

We can tailor your container to fit your business needs to increase your productivity and best suit your inventory refrigeration needs. Below are just a few options available for your container.
   IRS can install lighting in your container, operated by either a simple switch or a door switch so as to insure you never accidentally leave them on inside. 
   IRS can provide options to conserve energy and keeping your inventory at temperature.
Air Curtains: These heavy duty vinyl strips provide a barrier to keep your inventory at temperature while giving you access to in and out for loading and unloading. This keeps the unit from constantly turning on thus saving energy! 
Extra Doors: Adding a smaller access door allows for access without having to open the large loading doors. Accessing the unit through the smaller door controls the loss of cool thus keeping the unit from turning on to maintain temperature.
 Any other customizing needs? Let us know, chances are we can do it!
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